Wart Removal Treatment


Warts are non-cancerous growths which can occur anywhere on body. They are a common infection caused by virus on skin surface. Main problem with warts is that they tend to grow and spread rapidly. Certain areas are more prone for rapid spread like beard for males; genitalia, eyebrow and face for females. On palms and soles warts can be thick, ugly looking and painful. Many times; warts need meticulous treatment as they don’t tend to disappear on their own in adults and keep on spreading.

Various treatment options we have available at our clinic for wart removal are

  • Cryotherapy
  • Radiofrequency ablation
  • Laser
  • Local injection
  • Immunotherapy like DNCB, Podophyllin.
  • Topical creams for home application
  • Autoinoculation for resistant cases.
  • Follow-up check ups.