Sex Clinic In Rewa

Sexology is a branch of science that deals with the scientific study of human behavior with respect to sexuality, sexual interests and functions. Sexology also includes sexual orientation and development, the establishment of sexual relationships and other sexual interests. Sexology is not limited to any age and can be extended to all age groups, from children to old age people. A doctor who specialized in the field of sexology is known as a Sex doctor or a Sexologist.

A sexologist is a specialist in sexology, educated and trained in prospects of human sexual health, orientation, development, development, relationships, dysfunction and disorder.

There are various factors responsible for the sexual problems faced by an individual. We provide personalized solutions to people based on their problems. No two patients are treated in the same way. Dr. Rajesh Rathi is a Famous Sexologist in Rewa who’s known for treating patients of all age groups. Your search for a good Sexologist in Rewa ends at Apex Clinic. We also provide counseling sessions for long hours if required. You can feel free to open up with us as we ensure complete privacy. Dr. Rajesh Rathi is the best Sexologist in Rewa. He founded Apex Clinic with a mission to provide affordable healthcare to everyone. He offers one-on-one counseling for all kinds of sexual issues. Alongside we also provide treatment for psychological issues like anxiety disorder, psychotic disorder, personality disorder, and other addictive disorders.

A sexologist can help with issues like difficulty in discussing the sexual wants, inabilities and understanding of satisfying sexual activities of their partners. They also treat problems related to past experiences like sexual trauma, sexual abuse, and difficulties in getting intimate. Consultation with a sexologist often improves the sexual communication between partners. A sexologist can immediately understand the crux of the problem and then provide medications or therapy.

Sexologists can be consulted for any complications in sex life, difficulties in getting closer, sensing abnormal sexual behavior, sexual orientation identity, reduced desires, and feeling unskilled in sexual affairs. They can also educate the patients about how the human body functions while having intercourse. Some people suffer from anxiety while indulging in sexual activity, and a sexologist can help them understand how to sensate focus, and increase their satisfaction. Sex Specialist Doctors acquire advanced certifications to become a sexologist. This is because, most of the Sex problems cannot be analyzed by Sexology Doctors without considering various psychological, genetic, biological, physical and social factors. These factors are related to various cultural and personal beliefs. Sexual thoughts and behaviors depend on the factors stated above, since sex is a widely diverse subject, a sexologist needs to be aware of a wide variety of conditions that can affect a person.

Why You Should Visit A Sexologist:

There are quite a few physiological reasons that explain issues around sex. Those can be treated with medical intervention, however, most have associated psychological issues and require counseling.

  1. Penis Size: The size of the penis is a matter of great concern for men. A small size penis can affect a man’s confidence making him anxious and nervous thus affecting his performance drastically. The doctor may advise drugs and hormonal treatment and an expert may help the patient overcome confidence issues.
  2. Erectile Dysfunction: Lose erection or inability to hold an erection can cause severe distress among men. This is curable in most cases. A sexologist can help the patient restore his sex life to normal.
  3. Pain and Discomfort During or After Intercourse: If any of the partners experience pain during or after intercourse, the experience becomes traumatic. Painful intercourse is caused due to many reasons including infections, lesions, ulcers, or dryness. The treatment for the same is available. It is extremely important to consult a doctor and get yourself treated than linger on with an infection and suffer in silence.

How Should You Consult the Doctor for your Sexology Therapy??

Sexual therapy sessions are interrogation sessions between the doctor and the couple. For that reason, you need to keep the following things in mind

  • Discuss the problem with your partner.
  • Be mentally prepared to answer all types of questions that the therapist may ask.
  • Be ready with the set of doubts or questions that you need to ask the therapist.

It’s important to have a fulfilling sex life to keep your blood pressure, heart health, and stress in check. So, don’t hesitate or shy away from opening up with your therapist.

Sexual problems may seem silly at first but it leads to serious complications and ruins the relationship. Book your appointment with the therapist and resolve the issue at the earliest.

What Do Our Sexologists treat?

Sexologists can be consulted for common sexual health issues related to Premature Ejaculation (PE), Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Masturbation, Circumcision, Impotency and Penis Size. Sexologists help the patients to become comfortable talking about problems during intercourse. They understand patients’ concerns and explain to them the medical and psychological implications of sexual dysfunctions.  Sexologists will either provide medication or sex therapy to overcome these sexual problems.

Circumcision and Foreskin – Male circumcision is the removal of the foreskin from the human penis. Our sexologists are adept are addressing common problems associated with the removal of the foreskin. Issues such as; the risk of infections and hemorrhage in infants, or painful erections and foreskin issues in adults.

Sperm Motility and Count РSperm Motility and Sperm Count are vital to a man’s fertility. Sexologists help in understanding issues related to fertility and sperm motility or movement. Low sperm motility is caused if less than 32% of sperm are able to move efficiently in the body. It can be caused due to infections, injury, genetic problems, and steroids.

Penis Size – The size of the male penis still raises eyebrows to this day. Issues related to penis size such as penile enlargement, are mostly based on societal and peer pressures. Sexologists often deal with anxieties that men have about their penis size.