“What is Oxypeel?”

As its name suggests, this is a peeling treatment. It is not a chemical peel but works instead via biological exfoliation. Although it looks like a type of face mask, it is very different. Rather than peeling any of your skin off with it, it works by imparting oxygen into the basal layer of the skin, where new skin cells are being generated. It also dislodges damaged skin cells, essentially exfoliating the skin, whilst also helping to control your skin’s sebum production (the main cause of acne).

In normal skin sebum simply evaporates. However, if there is a problem with overproduction the sebum will become trapped and form spots.

What Oxypeel does is remove the film of bacteria on the surface of the skin and impart oxygen to the base of it, allowing the skin to regenerate.


“What results can I expect?”

Although results will not be visible directly following the treatment, as it takes time for the targeted ingredients to get to work, the long term impact of this treatment can be huge. As our before and after photographs demonstrate, even severe cases can be completely solved in just a few sessions!

No! As Oxypeel is not a chemical peel, it not only has no side effects, it is also completely safe and totally pain free.“Are there any side effects?”

In short, there really is no better way to eliminate your skin issues and regain the smooth, attractive skin you have been prevented from enjoying.